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Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.

Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.

Lynda Starks

Tim's Haircut did it!  At the age of four Lynda was hooked.  It was with this book that her love affair with reading began. But it's no wonder, growing up in a large family with a teacher for a mother, education was king. Lynda's mother encouraged frequent weekly trips to the public library, the museum, and visits to nearby college campuses, which only fueled her love for books, learning and writing.

The Illinois native went on to receive her B.S. in Natural Science & Education, and M.S. in Education from Christian Brothers University. And in 2005, Lynda received her B.A. in Christian Counseling from Friends University.

For the past 23 years Lynda has been a Pastor's wife and has accumulated quite a few counseling hours with troubled young women. In addition to counseling, Lynda has taught at numerous women's fellowships and retreats, and at several churches from New York to California. In many of these sessions Lynda found herself quoting the wisdom given to her by her mother, grandmother and other wise women of God that she had met over the years.

Because her wisdom was often wise beyond her years, many of the women in her life who gleaned from her, believed it was time for her to write a book that would remind women that “You must be a Ruth to get a Boaz”, a statement Lynda is often heard saying to the women she's mentoring or counseling.  

After being prompted repeatedly by the Holy Spirit that now was the time, Lynda finally relented and put a great deal of her wisdom into a book and workbook for this current generation of women. Today, Lynda is the author of Family Heirlooms, Pearls of Knowledge from Wise Women of GodFamily Heirlooms provides clear instructions for women of God who want to live Godly in the 21st century.

“Many people were surprised when I didn’t title my first book – “You must be a Ruth to get a Boaz” but I wanted to pay tribute to the women who had lived, loved and learned.  God has always allowed me to see, hear and learn from people wiser than me, and I am so appreciative of that wisdom.  Now that the Holy Spirit leads me in my writing, I am even more in tune with His desire for His daughters. I believe that we all have a major job ahead of us to help women everywhere recreate their self-image to align with what The Father has in store for them."

What makes Lynda’s ministry so impactful is her no-nonsense, unapologetic approach to life and learning.  Ever striving to apply the Word of God in every area of her life, Lynda helps those under her ministry to bridge the gap between the world and The Word.  The "pearls" you find here, in Family Heirlooms, Pearls of Knowledge from Wise Women of God and the companion workbook, are real life, straight-no-chaser solutions to common problems.  So get ready to take a long look in the mirror and check yourself!

Lynda resides in Duluth, Georgia with her husband, Pastor Terry and her two children where she has recently released, Family Heirlooms, Pearls of Knowledge from Wise Women of God - The Workbook.

Two friends

Two friends


How we met...

The first time my husband and I heard the Word of God through Pastor Terry, it was a no-brainer. We instantly knew in our spirits that this ministry is where we belonged. The Word of God is what made us join the church.  However, it was the immense warmth and abundant love that enveloped us each and every time we walked through the doors that made it our church family!  

Having grown up in church myself, I knew that the First Lady is the heart of the church. This church had a lot of heart and it was the impeccably-dressed, beautiful woman who sat on the front pew, faithfully, every service, that was responsible. This became more evident each time after service, when Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda took the time to greet members and visitors; shaking hands, listening to and sometimes embracing every person in the line.

I had to be a part of this open display of God's love. So, I joined the Hostess ministry. Eventually, I was blessed to be able to lead this group of Godly women. In that capacity, I interacted with Mrs. Lynda here and there, planning for the hostesses or helping to set up for the extravagant events she lovingly planned for church members. But it wasn't until years later, and after both our families relocated, that we became close friends. 

We began to support each other through the process of relocating and settling into our new surroundings. Over the years, her signature quick wit and humor have helped me to laugh through some tough times.  Her bluntness and honesty (always with a smile) has guided me to improve in multiple areas of my life.  The heart and love for people that we felt as members of the church, I now know personally, and my life and family have been forever blessed as a result.  

When invited to contribute to her blog, Pearls to Live By, I didn't hesitate for a second.  Anything I could do to help share the wisdom that has changed my marriage and life for the better was another no-brainer.  Today, I am yet again, blessed to be a part of this awesome ministry that will change the lives of many, as it did mine!

A little about me...

"You're so quiet!" is what people used to tell me often as a child.  I didn't have the right words back then, but I now know that I was indeed "quiet" but only because I was constantly observing.  People and their behavior have always intrigued me. So much so, that I received my B.A. in Psychology in 2005 from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. 

Needing to pay for school and support myself through college, I began working at a major bank. Twelve years later, I got the opportunity to work as a Project Manager, managing several projects in Finance.  This is where I gained the knowledge and skill set that would later serve the purpose of helping to develop and contribute to Pearls to Live By. Today, I am still intrigued by the human condition, but with the added ingredient of Godly wisdom in my life, I now know that applying the Word is the only true way to peace.

I currently reside in the Charlotte, NC area with a Man of God whom I'm honored to call my husband, Gary. We share our hearts and home with two God-given angels that we are privileged to call our children.