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Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.

Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.

Summer Time Exposure

I know Spring is upon us, but I'd like to get a jump on a few things ahead of Summer. Even during the summer months while on the Beach a woman can be covered, sexy and still respected. Try it.

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During the summer months many of us will see some of the most inappropriate fashion faux pas. Summer causes many people to see themselves in a totally different light.  It’s almost as if their mirrors become the funny mirrors at the circus causing them to see themselves as fabulous.

I am certainly for people being free to enjoy life in their own space and skin but even a free spirit Jesus loving Boho like myself would rather you cover up all of your assets and allow them to remain a mystery to those who admire you until you have a commitment and covenant. Acting cheap causes one to be treated cheaply. There is nothing cheap about you – a life was lost so that you may live freely,never bound or enslaved to anyone or anything. Act like the Royalty that you were created to be. So, over the next few weeks we will provide a few reminders for those of you that care:

Let’s start with your feet:

Never allow your toes or heels to hang over your shoes. Those shoes are too small. Let them go.

Worn, tattered and torn shoes may be comfortable but they cause us to stare and wonder if you have fallen on hard times. If the heels on your pumps are going east and west, surrender them to the cobbler for repair or the trash. Please don’t put them in the give away clothing drive.  You are now giving someone who is already having a bad day an even worse day because we will now stare at them when we see them out in those shoes.

All of us have not been blessed with happy and pretty feet. Use discretion when purchasing summer sandals. Just because you can afford them does not mean we are suppose to wear them. Hopefully, you were blessed with good heels if your toes are not cute. Then you can choose a pair of toes enclosed shoes but wear an exposed heel. Your options are vast but shop with knowledge and a realistic picture of your feet.  If you put ugly feet in pretty shoes people will still only notice your feet. It’s just one of those things in life that is not fair.  If you have insurance, a good foot doctor can help you with some procedures, but make sure they are a board certified doctor. 

Do not torture your feet. Leave home comfortable so that you can walk around a room and command it. Polish all your toes, not just the ones you think we will see. Make sure your feet are devoid of unsightly corns. Cracked heels and crusty toes are not cure. If your feet get more attention than you face, then you have a problem that needs immediate care and attention.

Do not wear toe rings if they cause your toes to look like sausages screaming for relief. If you have extremely fat feet, you may need a sandal that provides support to keep your feet from hanging over the sides of your summer sandals. By the way, bunions are hereditary, but they can be removed. Just consider it.