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Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.

Successfully living The Word in the world. A lifestyle and relationship blog from a First Lady's perspective.


The political climate has many democrats angry, afraid and concerned about the future of our country and party. Not only is Donald J. Trump making a mockery of the constitution, he’s openly flaunting his malfeasance in the face of the American people.  He does not bear full responsibility for his antics. The current GOP is sitting idly by, enabling this disaster as it unfurls in the White House. They do so because it serves their purpose. Trump’s utter lack of knowledge pertaining to this country, its government and the inner-workings of Washington is a rubber stamp. He will obliviously sign anything.  He is not concerned with the good of the American people.  Instead he is preoccupied with two things only. Keeping his family’s sinking name, reputation and fortune afloat. And enacting revenge on President Obama for the “birther” humiliation that took place at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner.

Berating Trump, his tragic lack of qualification and the negligent (borderline criminal) GOP is easy.  However, we must set that aside momentarily to focus on the Democratic Party. We are a party without direction. We have no message that drives home our party’s vision of the future. We do not have a clear statement on how we plan to relief the struggling middle class.  And most gravely, we have not captured the hearts and minds of our future, the millennial population.  Instead, they find the party to be old, out of date and out of touch.

What is our vision? What are the goals? What objective will resonate in our communities? More importantly who will lead us back to control of the Congress in 2018 and ultimately, the White House in 2020? Without a charismatic leader and an effective strategy, we could lose once more to the GOP who is determined to keep the caste system in place. They are intent on maintaining the great wealth divide. And they are backed mostly by poorly-educated voters and greedy individuals/corporations who are more interested in keeping the racist status quo, than creating jobs.


We need someone that invokes a compelling desire to follow him. She must inspire us all to join in the fight to make the party, the country and its government, once more for the people and by the people! The message must speak to ALL demographics. From the cattle rancher in Jackson Hole to the museum curator in New York City. If we leave out any segment of the country that feels ignored and neglected, we will produce another Trump. Or worse, get him elected for a second disastrous term. 


Grooming this person must start NOW!!! A candidate with personal scandals are not acceptable. We must be everything Trump is not. Qualified, focused, noble, honest and trustworthy. These are the values of a true Christian. Christianity should never isolate but love all people even if they don't agree with the pathway to God.


The current slogans (“Have you seen the other guys?” and “A Better Deal”) do not inspire. There are no core, closely-held American ideals like prosperity, freedom, equality built into them. The slogan must strike a personal chord within all of us!  The country is severely divided, and so developing a slogan that will appeal to all is crucial. So, we suggest the slogan for the Democratic party in 2018 and going forward should be:





… to save our democracy

… to stand up for The Constitution

… to unite under America’s beliefs

… to protect the vulnerable.


The list is endless. The speeches write themselves.  “THE TIME IS NOW” expresses the urgency of the situation this country finds itself in.  It creates momentum to prompt voters and non-voters alike to move to action.  In protest, in civil activity, in running for office, in voting, in talking to their family and friends.  It is broad enough to include ALL demographics, yet intimate enough to resonate personally and individually.


Many Republicans, although silent, are not happy with Trump. We must seize this opportunity to gain this vote and flip the House and the Senate. We cannot allow this opportunity to pass us by. The GOP has rallied around Making America Great Again which means take it back to the days of Jim Crow Rule. Open hate of minorities is once again acceptable and encouraged.


We are behind both the times and the eight ball. The opportunity to defeat the GOP in 2018 has never been better. THE TIME IS NOW, to strike while the iron is blazing hot!


We must unite quickly and create a force against the devises that seek to destroy our democracy, our union and the future our forefathers envisioned… the vision that our brothers and sisters in uniform risk their lives to protect. THE TIME IS NOW!